Injury Attorneys

Please call 911 if you have been seriously injured in a an accident.

Serious injuries can be very traumatic. It is important to have strong legal representation when dealing with an accident that involves broken bones or amputated limbs. Most people are not sure what to do when an accident happens, that’s why we are here to help you receive the legal assistance you deserve.

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Broken Bones and Amputated Limbs

Broken Bones

Everyone knows what a broken bone is, but what everyone does not know is that a severe broken bone could cost you over a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills. When hospital stays and surgeries are required medical expenses can be astronomical. If you do not have insurance these bills are basically impossible to pay. Even if you do have insurance the out-of-pocket expenses can be in tens of thousands of dollars. If you or a loved one broke a bone in a car accident that was someone else's fault their insurance company may have to pay all of these bills and expenses.



Common Broken Bones

In no specific order here are some of the most common broken bones from car accidents:

  1. Arm Fractures – Arm fractures are common as people often hold their arms out.
  2. Tibia and Fibula Fracture – Broken legs are common when a car buckles in the front and or one is thrown from a motorcycle.
  3. Femur Fractures – Despite being one of the strongest bones in the body, the femur can fracture during a high-impact collision.
  4. Rib Fractures – Can be caused by seatbelts.
  5. Hip Fracture – Hip fractures are not common but do happen in severe car accidents.
  6. Pelvis Fracture – Pelvis fractures occur often in motorcycles wrecks.
  7. Skull Fractures – These injuries can occur if a person's head strikes the dash or steering wheel.
  8. Wrist Fractures – Wrist fractures often occur from attempting to brace during impact
  9. Back Fractures – Fractured vertebrae and disks can happen even in minor collisions
  10. Clavicle Fractures – The clavicle is fragile and its regrowth can be troublesome


Call an attorney for help with your case

Any broken bone or the amputation of the limb is obviously going to affect one's life for some time and be an expensive event. Remember, if the injury has occurred because of someone else's negligence you may be able to be compensated for all expenses related to the injury. These include time off work, diminished future earnings, and physical therapy. Tennessee has a 1-year statute of limitations for most car wrecks so call an attorney as soon as possible to make sure you can make a recovery.